Maxwell DeMille in a tense moment, from "Hearts and Pearls"
Photo courtesy of Famous Pictures Company

Maxwell Stanley DeMille began his illustrious career shortly after the Great War. He was the founder of the pioneering movie studio Famous Pictures Company in 1919 and went on to not only run the day to day operations of the business but appear in the pictures the studio produced.

His debut as an actor was on April 21, 1924 in the production of Hearts and Pearls (or The Lounge Lizard's Lost Love).  After several appearances in numerous silent film comedies, DeMille produced his first Broadway Show "Jazz Babies of 1929."  This was followed by a string of other popular productions such as "Kid Cyclone", "Hey Toots, It's Me!", "Whoops!" and many others.

DeMille continued to produce live stage shows and silent motion pictures until the beginning of World War II. DeMille was a firm believer that motion pictures should be silent and refused to make talking pictures. 

While working as an undercover operative for the Allied Forces in Africa, a chance encounter with an Egyptian High Priestess would make a dramatic impact on his life. Using the ancient secrets of  The Scarab Beetle of Atum, DeMille was able to reverse the process of aging and bring new life to a faltering career.

After the war, DeMille produced and directed Broadway Confidential  (Recreated in 2000 as a popular stage production) . 

In 1946, the post war movie boom forced DeMille to change his views on silent cinema. He produced and directed his first talking motion picture On With The Show --- a lavish technicolor madcap comedy now thought to be lost.

Little is known of  Maxwell DeMille's activities for the following thirty years, but in 1974 the feature film Sinister Flesh was released with the credit of  "Entire Production Supervised by Maxwell DeMille" , marking the return of an eternally young DeMille.

In the 1990s, DeMille once again turned his attention to the stage. Acting as producer, director and performer in shows such as "The Black Pirate Musical Spectacular", "Jazz Babies on Broadway" and many others as listed on the Recent Productions page.

Today Maxwell DeMille appears as Master of Ceremonies for society's most stylish social events.

He may currently be found at Maxwell DeMille's Cicada Club, his popular nightclub located in the 1928 Art Deco Oviatt building in downtown Los Angeles. Mr. DeMille's fabulous nightclub has been featured in the Academy Award winning motion picture "The Artist" and the hit televsion series "Mad Men".